Monday, 4 February 2013


Why hello there! 

I'm finally back in this space, happy days! To summarise such a lengthy absence seems a bit silly but I would like to share why I haven't been around. We did indeed move house and two days after that Mister was made redundant. This was a big time of upheaval for us, but eventually (only 6 weeks after that time but it felt like much longer) he was fortunate enough to secure another job within his small and specialised industry that is based near home for the most part. Christmas and the new year greeted us kindly, full of mayhem and adventure with family and friends and then we were off to Sydney to visit old friends while Mister started his new job away. We are only now FINALLY returning to some sort of rhythm.

To be honest as part of my long absence I was also reevaluating how I felt about my blog. I found last year that I really enjoyed blogging, but only if I "kept on top of it" otherwise I'd start to feel disappointment that I wasn't able to share the posts I wanted, which in turn made me wait to share those and before I knew it I wasn't posting anything. Does that make sense? Does anyone else feel like this? Also I think I know that while I value this space (and visiting others even more so) I am happier when I am living the moment than worrying about documenting it. 

So why have I continued? I really treasure the connections I have made through blogging, it's my place to communicate my feelings, thoughts and creative endevours and I like that it essentially acts as a journal of our family life to look back on down the road.

So this year I haven't made any promises to myself about how many posts I will do or how often, instead I'm focusing on life and will be posting things as I feel inclinded. I hope you'll still join me in sharing our advetures. Best to you and yours x

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  1. Welcome back, I hope you have a fantastic year. It sounds like everything is in place for that. Enjoy blogging whenever the inspiration strikes, that's the best way to do it I reckon!

    1. Thank you! You too, NZ looked glorious! Have a wonderful year :)


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