Tuesday, 26 February 2013

From farm to bus to US!

Last year I mentioned how we became owner/members in a organic farm. Excitedly the bus became operational at the start of February so each Saturday morning we have a fun shopping adventure. The bus is set up in Northey Street City Farm car park where we can pick up our pre ordered produce for the week and see what extras are available.

As I'm sure you can imagine it's a bit of a mammoth task to re fit a bus to become a shop, but the lovely directors and workers have done an outstanding job.

Please excuse my phone photos, but each week I have managed to forget to take the real camera along. These photos were taken the first Saturday and unfortunately it hasn't been so sunny here since. As a result of all the rain and floods during January we (the owner/members) actually lost around 20,000 plants, which as anyone who is trying to provide their own food or sustain a living will tell you, can be devastating. Thankfully that is also one of the benefits of us being part of a farm rather than out right owning one (especially at present) is that we all take a part of the downfall but we won't go under because of it.

The excitement Bub has each week is half the fun, but the produce has been wonderfully priced and fresh. This photo really makes me smile!

This zucchini wasn't found quick enough and soon became enormous, was still beautiful in zucchini slice and muffins though.

Hope the weather isn't to extreme where ever you may be.

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