Monday, 1 October 2012

Spring moments, some reading and a swap.

Spring has blessed us with some gorgeous days that we have been enjoying by exploring and being social with friends. Here are a few pics of what we've been up to.

Little one has been spinning and turning in her wool tutu.

Exploring and enjoying the native flowers in bloom. 

Washing up with the sun pouring in. 

Watching our choko from our harvest swap grow.

The beginning of our new Spring nature table (has grown considerably since I took this photo!). 

I finally made our dear little Violet child from The Little Gnomes Home, you can buy a kit here.

Nourishing Orange Jelly - we used some organic oranges and two blood oranges to get this colour.

I have also been doing a lot of reading lately, here are a few that spoke to me and I hope they might speak to you. 

This great article by Mamabake about neighbourhood and community really resonated with me, here's a snippet, "We all know the name of the latest celebrity baby but few of us know our neighbour’s names, let alone feel that we could knock on the door to ask for the proverbial cup of sugar, to borrow the lawn mower, or for a bit of adult company right at the time we feel we can’t go on."

I loved this piece by Jennifer Pastiloff about being mindful of what noise we add using her top 5 things Nobody wants to hear. She says "I am committing to living and speaking powerfully. I have realized how I can take a moment and get quiet before I speak to ask myself if what I am about to say is in any way helpful or if it even needs to be said at all. And to ask myself how it will affect the listener? I know I can't control how someone reacts to me but I can be thoughtful before I speak. I can be mindful and conscious". 

Lastly have you visited the lovely M Bloom over at We Bloom Here to join in the lovely brooch swap she is co hosting?  I have and I'm excited about crafting something for someone else again. Sign-ups will close Friday, October 5th so pop over for more info and to sign up. 

Hanging out at the park.

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