Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Learning through play and some news

 Just a few pictures of our days of late. Some of our favourite ways to spending time together.


Gardening and water play

 and a recent addition sewing!

Bub has always loved watching me sew and has sat at the machine more than once, but the other day she asked to sew something, a rainbow for her dollhouse. She helped raise and lower the foot, helped guide the stitches and cut the threads. It's just a pity I can take photos and sew at the same time. 

In other news, I hate to sound like a broken record but we're about to move again. The owners are wishing to move back in before Christmas so we have to find a new home. To say we are sad is an understatement and the timing is not great, but after a few days digesting this news we are using this time to embrace changes we wished to set in motion and as a means of taking a few more steps towards our bigger dreams. Forgive me yet again if I am more absent than I wish to be from here during this time.

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