Tuesday, 2 October 2012

FREE concert for the Kymberley - with Clare Bowditch and JBT

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By chance I came across this free live streamed concert after visiting the gorgeous and talented Clare Bowditch website (more on that another time). I got very excited about the prospect of watching a live concert with some of my well loved Aussie artists, but after clicking through I realised this concert was much more than great entertainment.

"A group of the world's biggest oil and gas companies have begun to clear the land around James Price Point on the Kimberley coast to make way for a gas factory 25 times the size of Melbourne's CBD.

The gas factory would destroy one of our most pristine coastlines, threaten the world's largest population of Humpback Whales, and wipe out numerous Aboriginal heritage sites, including part of a famous Indigenous 'songline' — a continuous dreaming track that has remained intact for thousands of years.

If allowed to go ahead, this greedy development would change the iconic town of Broome forever and the whole of the Kimberley would become fair game for the oil and gas industry!
Together, we have the power to protect this amazing wild place for future generations. So please, help fund this historic concert"  

The Wilderness Society will host John Butler, Clare Bowditch, Missy Higgins, Dr Bob Brown and more in a celebration of one of the most beautiful, unique, and threatened places on Earth.
You can donate to the campaign and help fund this once-in-a-lifetime event. The concert is streamed live 6pm Friday October the 5th.

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