Thursday, 9 August 2012

Slow Living Month...June & July...part two


* It's been a busy two months around these parts and I actually forgot to do my Slow Living blog for June so I am combining them here. Pop back here to read part one. *

{grow}: Growing has been very sad around these parts, not enough sun and to many chickens helping themselves. My sweet peas and basil are the last survivors! Once the sun is a bit higher in the sky and I have more time, we will start planting again.

{create}: Lots of fun creating around these here lately. I finally got around to recovering our chairs from plain (and stain unfriendly) white to this lovely print I received off Freecycle last year in Sydney.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I simply removed one of the old covers, unstitched it and used that to make a pattern for my new covers. The cutting and sewing time was only around an hour or two (done over the course of a week!).

Close up of print. 

Strangely I now really want a skirt out of this print now, what do you think, is that a no-no?!

Bubs birthday crown. Her favourite colour is blue and I used a vintage ribbon as the trim. I was pretty happy with this first try, even teaching myself a new stitch for the 'M', though I need to unpick and make the elastic longer for future use.

I also made these skirts for her to play in. This one is a woolen tutu using this tutorial here.

It was hard to get a photo of the pixie! While the one below was loosely based on this tutorial. Both simple, quick yet satisfying projects, that were well received.

{discover}: A lovely person of Facebook who doesn't even know me, answered my questions about crocheting and then went above and beyond by sending me her copy of Candy babies: Cute crochet for wee ones by Candi Jensen. I have only had a peek but it looks wonderful.

{enhance}: I'm not sure if this is where this should go but during June we became owner/members in an organic farm!! Amazing, right?! We are a small part of a much larger picture. After doing some reading I came across Organic Farm Share and became both excited and intrigued. We went along to one of their kitchen table talks, the rest, as they say, was history. Some of the things that really spoke to us about this project was the passion of Alf and Marina who founded it, the local aspect meaning low food miles, the way the food will be grown (in an eco-ployculture) and the security of knowing where you next meal will be coming from. I look forward to sharing more about this venture as it grows.

{enjoy}: Oh, so many busy but lovely days in the last two months. Bub and I visited the Abbey Medieval Fair for the day after winning tickets, it was a wonderful day with the joust and henna tattoos being a highlight.

I had a lovely day up the Mountain for my Hen's. Six girlfriends and I had a wonderful cooking class at Tamborine Cooking School and then sat down to eat out delicious creations with a glass of wine over looking the valley.

And we celebrated Miss Marilla's 2nd birthday, a wonderful weekend with friends and family and some us time.

We have a busy month ahead too with family and friends birthdays, my birthday, in-laws arriving from the UK, the Ekka and then wrapping it all up at the end of the month with our wedding!

I will be sharing some of our green minded, locally sourced wedding journey soon,


  1. What a lovely entry, the chairs look magnificent, I love the fabric, a great freecycle find! As for a skirt, I think you could get away with it as long as your not sitting down to dinner on those chairs while you're wearing it. The bits and bobs for M (Happy birthday to her!) are super cute and she looks like she's having a ball in those skirts. What a sweetie! Can't wait to hear more about the farm adventure too.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks so much. I think you hit the nail on teh head regarding the skirt! Thanks for dropping by : )


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