Tuesday, 26 February 2013

From farm to bus to US!

Last year I mentioned how we became owner/members in a organic farm. Excitedly the bus became operational at the start of February so each Saturday morning we have a fun shopping adventure. The bus is set up in Northey Street City Farm car park where we can pick up our pre ordered produce for the week and see what extras are available.

As I'm sure you can imagine it's a bit of a mammoth task to re fit a bus to become a shop, but the lovely directors and workers have done an outstanding job.

Please excuse my phone photos, but each week I have managed to forget to take the real camera along. These photos were taken the first Saturday and unfortunately it hasn't been so sunny here since. As a result of all the rain and floods during January we (the owner/members) actually lost around 20,000 plants, which as anyone who is trying to provide their own food or sustain a living will tell you, can be devastating. Thankfully that is also one of the benefits of us being part of a farm rather than out right owning one (especially at present) is that we all take a part of the downfall but we won't go under because of it.

The excitement Bub has each week is half the fun, but the produce has been wonderfully priced and fresh. This photo really makes me smile!

This zucchini wasn't found quick enough and soon became enormous, was still beautiful in zucchini slice and muffins though.

Hope the weather isn't to extreme where ever you may be.

Monday, 4 February 2013


Why hello there! 

I'm finally back in this space, happy days! To summarise such a lengthy absence seems a bit silly but I would like to share why I haven't been around. We did indeed move house and two days after that Mister was made redundant. This was a big time of upheaval for us, but eventually (only 6 weeks after that time but it felt like much longer) he was fortunate enough to secure another job within his small and specialised industry that is based near home for the most part. Christmas and the new year greeted us kindly, full of mayhem and adventure with family and friends and then we were off to Sydney to visit old friends while Mister started his new job away. We are only now FINALLY returning to some sort of rhythm.

To be honest as part of my long absence I was also reevaluating how I felt about my blog. I found last year that I really enjoyed blogging, but only if I "kept on top of it" otherwise I'd start to feel disappointment that I wasn't able to share the posts I wanted, which in turn made me wait to share those and before I knew it I wasn't posting anything. Does that make sense? Does anyone else feel like this? Also I think I know that while I value this space (and visiting others even more so) I am happier when I am living the moment than worrying about documenting it. 

So why have I continued? I really treasure the connections I have made through blogging, it's my place to communicate my feelings, thoughts and creative endevours and I like that it essentially acts as a journal of our family life to look back on down the road.

So this year I haven't made any promises to myself about how many posts I will do or how often, instead I'm focusing on life and will be posting things as I feel inclinded. I hope you'll still join me in sharing our advetures. Best to you and yours x

Photo credit Gray http://www.michaeldavidgray.com/

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Learning through play and some news

 Just a few pictures of our days of late. Some of our favourite ways to spending time together.


Gardening and water play

 and a recent addition sewing!

Bub has always loved watching me sew and has sat at the machine more than once, but the other day she asked to sew something, a rainbow for her dollhouse. She helped raise and lower the foot, helped guide the stitches and cut the threads. It's just a pity I can take photos and sew at the same time. 

In other news, I hate to sound like a broken record but we're about to move again. The owners are wishing to move back in before Christmas so we have to find a new home. To say we are sad is an understatement and the timing is not great, but after a few days digesting this news we are using this time to embrace changes we wished to set in motion and as a means of taking a few more steps towards our bigger dreams. Forgive me yet again if I am more absent than I wish to be from here during this time.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


 I'm so happy to share today that we have our wedding photos back, here are a few of my favourites though it's hard to narrow it down!


I'm in the middle of writting about what we did to be more mindful of our foot print while still having a wonderful celebration which I can't wait to share. In the meantime drop by our magnanimous, fun and extremely talented photographers site to see more our our day and his work, Michael David Gray, affectionally refered to as Gray

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Slow Living Month...August & September


Where on earth as the year flown?! As I write this it's (just!) 10 weeks to Christmas! I'm so excited already!!! We had a massive lead up to our wedding at the end of August, so I have joined August and September into one big SLM update.

{nourish}: I've been pouring over The Little Gnomes Home Real Food Series for some nourishing recipes, we  have loved the Apple Oat and Maple Slice and a few of the French style quiches using whatever we have available and also the meatballs.

{prepare}: Just the easy things done during these months like squeezing fresh citrus and freezing to use later, freezing some strawberries while they're still in season, and freezing kaffir lime leave and lemon grass for future cooking.

{reduce}: Nothing of interest to add here unfortunately!

{green}: I added more Sukin to my range as my old lotions ran out and I needed some make up for the wedding and finally ran out of my old type. I was happy to add a lovely Lavera liquid foundation to my kit. I hardly ever wear make up, but when I do I like it to have good coverage, look nice, smell nice (not chemically) and be affordable. Here is a great list from Sarah Wilson if you've been re-thinking your beauty products but don't know where to begin.

{grow}: We planted a choko that we received during our garden swap and some beans and shallots that we bought at the Spring Fair (see below).

{create}: We created a few things for our wedding which I will be sharing soon in a blog post, but we also made these toddler friendly home-made dominoes for a birthday present and I finally bought this little violet child to life.

{discover}: Reading took a back seat during August and September but I have four new books I am pouring through now, will update in the next SLM.
{enhance}: We happily took part in our first community garden swap in August. It was a wonderful sunny day with community spirit alive and well. Essentially everyone bought along something to swap, it was placed on one of a few tables and then you went around picking up items you'd like. I took 6 empty jars, a basket and a dozen eggs from our girls and ended up with a bounty of produce.

Some of the lovely baked goods and preserves

A small selection of the fresh produce on offer.

Our wonderful bounty!
At the beginning of the school holidays in September we went along to a Spring Fair that our friend organised in a park in West End. We had such a great day, playing with the other kids, catching up with other mamas and selling/swapping goods we no longer needed for items we did or some money. I ended up selling many an item for much less than it's original bought price but I was more than happy to see items I no longer needed or used finding new homes.

Bub looking after our market spread.
{enjoy}: Easy to say that our wedding was a massive source of enjoyment these past few months. Not just the day itself but also the lead up and the family holiday away in Palm Cove that followed. It was sad saying goodbye to many friends and Andy's side of the family when the time came, but we have some wonderful memories and hundreds of photos to remind us of such an incredible time.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

FREE concert for the Kymberley - with Clare Bowditch and JBT

Image via Flikr

By chance I came across this free live streamed concert after visiting the gorgeous and talented Clare Bowditch website (more on that another time). I got very excited about the prospect of watching a live concert with some of my well loved Aussie artists, but after clicking through I realised this concert was much more than great entertainment.

"A group of the world's biggest oil and gas companies have begun to clear the land around James Price Point on the Kimberley coast to make way for a gas factory 25 times the size of Melbourne's CBD.

The gas factory would destroy one of our most pristine coastlines, threaten the world's largest population of Humpback Whales, and wipe out numerous Aboriginal heritage sites, including part of a famous Indigenous 'songline' — a continuous dreaming track that has remained intact for thousands of years.

If allowed to go ahead, this greedy development would change the iconic town of Broome forever and the whole of the Kimberley would become fair game for the oil and gas industry!
Together, we have the power to protect this amazing wild place for future generations. So please, help fund this historic concert"  

The Wilderness Society will host John Butler, Clare Bowditch, Missy Higgins, Dr Bob Brown and more in a celebration of one of the most beautiful, unique, and threatened places on Earth.
You can donate to the campaign and help fund this once-in-a-lifetime event. The concert is streamed live 6pm Friday October the 5th.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Spring moments, some reading and a swap.

Spring has blessed us with some gorgeous days that we have been enjoying by exploring and being social with friends. Here are a few pics of what we've been up to.

Little one has been spinning and turning in her wool tutu.

Exploring and enjoying the native flowers in bloom. 

Washing up with the sun pouring in. 

Watching our choko from our harvest swap grow.

The beginning of our new Spring nature table (has grown considerably since I took this photo!). 

I finally made our dear little Violet child from The Little Gnomes Home, you can buy a kit here.

Nourishing Orange Jelly - we used some organic oranges and two blood oranges to get this colour.

I have also been doing a lot of reading lately, here are a few that spoke to me and I hope they might speak to you. 

This great article by Mamabake about neighbourhood and community really resonated with me, here's a snippet, "We all know the name of the latest celebrity baby but few of us know our neighbour’s names, let alone feel that we could knock on the door to ask for the proverbial cup of sugar, to borrow the lawn mower, or for a bit of adult company right at the time we feel we can’t go on."

I loved this piece by Jennifer Pastiloff about being mindful of what noise we add using her top 5 things Nobody wants to hear. She says "I am committing to living and speaking powerfully. I have realized how I can take a moment and get quiet before I speak to ask myself if what I am about to say is in any way helpful or if it even needs to be said at all. And to ask myself how it will affect the listener? I know I can't control how someone reacts to me but I can be thoughtful before I speak. I can be mindful and conscious". 

Lastly have you visited the lovely M Bloom over at We Bloom Here to join in the lovely brooch swap she is co hosting?  I have and I'm excited about crafting something for someone else again. Sign-ups will close Friday, October 5th so pop over for more info and to sign up. 

Hanging out at the park.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thoughtful Gifting : Toddler-friendly handmade dominoes

I love giving gifts and have always prided myself on finding great gifts. In my view gifts don't need to be expensive, large, bought or new to be great gifts. Often I find it's the smaller, less manufactured gifts that are the most appreciated. With that in mind I am going to start sharing some of the gifts we either make or buy here.

On the weekend we attended a friend's 2nd birthday, they are a like minded family and we wanted to make something for the birthday boy. Enter stone dominoes!

Inspired from a pin on Pinterest which led me here I decide to whip up a set for Mr M the night before. They were easy, cost effective, fun to make and fun to play with.

After a bit of thinking and discussion Mister and I sat at the kitchen table and got started. Using 12 stones that each has a symbol either end and using four different symbols to have a total of 24 symbols for playing. We finally settled on making a set with the four elements on them; fire, water, air and earth. It was simple and fun, truly the hardest part for us was deciding on what our symbols should be! We then used our Eco Green Craft paints (though I'm not sure if they are still available, hope to know more soon) and once they were dry sealed them using a PVA/water mix, so it wasn't so thick.

For something different we also added a big stone with all four elements on it to be used as a hub. These stones can be used in many ways including tradition style dominoes, to match pairs or by using the hub as a starting point and growing outwards.

We plan to make Rilla her own set as she loved playing with them and a few sets for Christmas presents (which is 12 weeks away tomorrow, Tuesday, if you don't know!!).

Some of the other ideas we had for the pictures/symbols are:
* Celestial bodies - moon, star, sun, planet
* Animals - your child's favourites or narrow it down further to water creatures, Australian animals, extinct animals
* Seasons - a snowflake, Autumn leaf, sun for Summer, flower for Spring
* Shapes - triangle, square, circle, rectangle etc

There are so many options but keep in mind the more simple the shape the better for painting.

So that's my first post on thoughtful giving, I hope you liked it! What are your go to gift ideas? Or are you like me, forever trying new ideas?!

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